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Political Prisoner - Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia
Thursday, June 09, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Political Prisoner of the Week

While NPR leads Morning Edition with allegations of abuse at Gitmo, one Cuban group focuses on the real gulag. Their objective is freedom for all Cuban political prisoners.  Their website is They are featuring a different political prisoner every week. Here's their latest release:


The Cuban people have been denied their civil, economic and political rights. Our objective is to each week feature one of the many cubans, who are prisoners of conscience.

These political prisoners are being mistreated, tortured and humiliated in Castro's prisons. Cuban prisoners of conscience are the forefront of the struggle against Castro's tyranny and they deserve our recognition and support. They represent the paradigm in which Cuba's freedom and democratic values should be anchored in the future.
-Political Prisoner of the week: Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia

-Charge: Arrested during the government's crackdown of March 2003 (Group of 75)

-Sentence: 25 years in prison

-Prison: Kilo 8. Camaguey

-Organization: Movimiento Cristiano de Liberacion

-Family: Belkis Ferrer. (wife)

-Address: Calle 7 Final # 318. Loma blanca Palmariot de Cauto. Santiago de Cuba. Oriente.

-Review: Ferrer Garcia has been the subject of many abuses in confinement and for his protection has had to assumed a defensive and confrontational positions with his captors. He has been physically mistreated for not abeying orders that are not consistent with his political prisoner status. Including having to stand in attention in the presence of prison staff.

Note: Review authored by "Proyecto Rostros del Presidio' using diverse sources


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