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Cuba Roundup
Thursday, May 26, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

This and that

The International Society of Journalists has filed a protest with fidel over the arrest and expulsion of various journalists last week.  The journalists had come to Cuba to cover The Assembly to Promote a Civil Society.

Barbara at Quid Nimis has a good roundup of the U.S. press reports on The Assembly - and a list of the delegates who may have suffered because of their participation.

The Real Cuba is a most interesting site.  We've had links to photos of modern day Havana, but the site also has photos of what the city looked like in 1959.  Lets hear fidel's apologists explain how a modern society has been reduced to the ruin of a worker's paradise.

The Miami Herald reports that despite the Bush administration changes, the flow of money from exiles to folks in Cuba remains steady.

The Washington Post reports on U.S. Hispanics reaction to CAFTA.  The article outlines the usual free-trade vs. jobs protection arguements, but it fails to consider that fidel and hugo have an alternate plan.


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