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Indict raul?
Tuesday, May 24, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Drug running and murder

$1-million reward for information leading to the arrest of raul castro. The Washington Post reports Jose Basulto, of Brothers To The Rescue, will be announcing the reward this afternoon. Basulto believes there is enough information out there to indict raul on charges of drug running and the murder of four Brothers To The Rescue pilots in 1996.

The offer is intended to publicly pressure the U.S. government into resurrecting investigations of long-standing claims of criminal wrongdoing. But -- more important -- it also is intended to weaken Raul Castro and his allies politically and to complicate or even make illegal his succession.

"It would throw a wrench in the machinery," Basulto said of the hoped-for indictment.

This is a most interesting development.  We've now seen governments collapse in several parts of the world, and the collapse comes quickly.  The Soviet Union, the Eastern Block counties, Georgia, Lebanon, Ukraine, etc.  Perhaps with the Assembly over the weekend, a possible response from the EU to the expulsion of it's legislators, the support for the assembly from the Bush administration, and now this, we can see the cracks in fidel's dictatorship. We can only pray.


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