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Cuban This and That
Friday, May 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Doctors, travel and Shakur

Here are some interesting articles and posts on Cuba:

Val posts a piece saying fidel has shipped so many doctors and other medical personell out of the country, he's having to close clinics in Cuba.  If the reason the apologists put up with him in the past is because of his "free" medical care, what's the excuse now?

The Sun-Sentinel reports that the CANF has been cleared by the U.S. to travel to Cuba for the May 20th meeting of the Assembly to Promote Civil Society. The question now is, will fidel allow them to attend?

The Miami Herald reports on U.N. Ambassador nominee John Bolton's clash with a CIA analyst over whether fidel really had a "limited offensive biological warfare research and development effort." Unfortunately, the article deals with the CIA analyst more than it does Bolton.

And now we learn that the U.S. "menaces" convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur, a guest of fidel's workers paradise.  Those who think communism is dead should read this article. I haven't seen such writing in years.

The Herald, again, has an article on Cuban hip-hop artists on tour in the U.S.  Asked to comment on various things, one of them says:

On Miami: ''I dunno, I guess I just imagined that Little Havana would look more like Havana,'' says Edgar.

More like this Havana? Go here for more.

 (Tip to Val.)


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