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Bolivarian Revolution
Wednesday, May 11, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

hugo's threat

The Miami Herald is reporting that hugo plans to spread his Bolivarian Revolution across Latin America. His hero is Simon Bolivar, who had dreams of forming one country stretching from Peru to Venezuela.

Chaez' regional ambitions were evident in Havana last month, where he launched a Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas -- his answer to the U.S. - backed Free Trade Area of the Americas - before a crowd that included Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and former Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Bolivia's Evo Morales, two radical leaders who are seeking the presidency in their home countries.

And while Chavez has poured part of his windfall oil profits into social programs at home and may ease Venezuela away from its dependence on oil exports to the United States, he has been trying to use other parts of his oil wealth to reach for BolĂ­var's dream of one Latin America.

Chavez has signed energy agreements with Argentina and Brazil, and in a show of solidarity, offered to buy $500 million in Argentine government bonds just four years after that country suffered the biggest foreign debt default in world history.

The Herald also reports on the story we had here a couple of days ago, that Venezuela is providing most of the funding for an al-Jazeera styled Latin American TV network.

And hugo's threats to the U.S. may go far beyond treaties and trade agreements. Mora, blogging at Babalu, translates from a Mexican newspaper article. The article says funds from the office of the Mayor of Mexico City were sent to Havana, then on to Venezuela. hugo used the money to buy AK-47s, which he then sent to leftist guerillas in Mexico.

Update - Fausta shares her thoughts here.


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