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Cuban and Venezualan Eye Doctors
Tuesday, May 10, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Is it the U.S. that needs a vision check?

fidel castro and hugo chavez are teaming up again - this time they plan to send eye doctors across Latin America. Granma, of course, accompanies the story with a photograph it says is a woman and her son waiting for charity in Miami.

"This is Mission Miracle. We want to get it underway soon to help our brothers and sisters with visual problems in a situation of poverty in any Latin America or Caribbean country; that is what Venezuela and Cuba are doing," he affirmed on his weekly Sunday radio and TV program "Alo presidente," reports DPA from Caracas.

hugo says people will be brought to Caracas for evaluation, then sent on to Cuba for medical treatment.

"So, just as we are sending thousands of Venezuelans with those problems to Cuba, we could send thousands of Latin Americans and Caribbeans... we want to help many people who have lost their sight or at the point of losing it so as to improve their situation and, in many situations, restore their sight," he stated.

What's fidel up to here? Obviously trying to build additional inroads into his neighbors, but how soon will it be before he convinces his neighbors to shorten the process - to let him send his "doctors" to their countries.  fidel's "doctors" are well known as really being fidel's secret police. Perhaps it's Condi and the Foggy Bottom Boys who need their vision checked.


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