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Audioslave To Cuba
Friday, May 06, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The American band Audioslave will be performing in Havana tonight. ABC News reports the band is well known for its socialist views. It promises to make the outdoor concert along the Malecon the best Cuba's ever had.

And Cubans have an obligation too, guitarist Tom Morello told a crowded news conference Thursday: "They have to come to the show and go absolutely crazy."

Just who will fidel allow to go to such a concert? The entire article treats Cuba as though it is a free society.  It says most Cuban rock fans didn't learn of the concert until Thursday, and treats the short time as the only impediment to their attendance.  How will a family making on $20 a month travel to attend such a shindig?

Update - Robert at 26th Parallel follows up quoting the Sun Sentinel.  The good seats were, of course, reserved for fidel's best friends.


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