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Venezuela Shipyard
Thursday, May 05, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Venezuela and Cuba have announced another joint venture.  According to The Guardian, they will build a shipyard together in Venezuela. The agreement came last week during hugo's trip to Havana and was part of a series of agreements.

  • Cuba agreed to buy food - canned sardines, marmalade, gelatin and pudding, tons of chocolate drinks and tons of condensed milk.
  • Cuba is now buying 90,000 barrels of oil every day from Venezuela at preferential rates
  • Cuba agreed to send 30,000 doctors to Venezuela and train 40,000 Venezuelan doctors

But most interesting is the shipyard.

The shipyard is to be built in the western Venezuelan state of Zulia. It is to be for repairing naval ships and the construction of small navy ships, Infrastructure Minister Ramon Carrizalez Rengifo said in the statement.

What is fidel putting into this deal?  A.M Mora y Leon says, in a comment to this post on Babalublog, that fidel is supplying the muscle to control the Zulia Provence.  Zulia is one area of Venezuela that is strongly opposed to hugo's regime.


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