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Cuba and Taiwan
Wednesday, May 04, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

There's an odd editorial in The China Post. It compares Cuba to Taiwan by pointing out both are islands located near unfriendly, large nations.  After a brief history of Cuba under fidel, including the embargo and the collapse of the Soviet Union, it points out that fidel is still comitted to communism.

Cuba is a defiant former Soviet Union satellite and surrogate in the backyard of the United States, the world' most powerful country and champion of democracy. What Cuba's communism is to the U.S. is Taiwan's separatism to China, a former communist dictatorship-turned world's fastest-growing economy.

Taiwan is America's unsinkable aircraft carrier at the throat of China, the island's ethnic and cultural motherland.

China can't tolerate an independent Taiwan just like America can't tolerate the communist Cuba. And China can be a worse neighbor than America.

First, it's interesting that the editorial refers to China as a former communist dictatorship.  There are better historians than I who say China has become a mature fascist state. 

Second, though, we have been tolerating communist Cuba for 46-years. And China wouldn't have to do much to be a worse neighbor than the U.S. has been.  After all, U.S. companies have done more than a billion dollars in business with Cuba over the last few years.


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