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Elian's Anniversary In Cuba
Monday, April 25, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Elian and fidel

Elian Gonzalez gave a speech on the fifth anniversary of his "return to his father," reports  fidel attended and sat beside the boy.

 "I would like to thank the support the American public gave our cause," Elian, in his school uniform and maroon Pioneers' communist youth scarf, said late Friday with President Fidel Castro looking on, at a ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of his return from relatives' care in Miami, within earshot of the US Interests Section here.

Elian lives with his grandparents is what would seem to be a nicer home than most Cubans.  He also makes political appearances whenever fidel desires and  lives with several security guards outside his door at all times.  fidel says the guards are to protect Elian, but as caribbeannetnews says:

His return to Cuba came as a hard-fought political boon to Castro, who leads the Americas' only one-party communist country, for which illegal emigration is an embarrassing everyday reality.

I suspect fidel fears Elian escaping his clutches again.

Further reading - Robert at The 26th Parallel posts a two-part piece on Elian. Part one and two.


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