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Rick Wakeman Joins fidel's Band
Friday, April 15, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Former Yes and Journey keyboardist

Keyboardist Rick Wakeman has joined the idiotarian musician brigade in support of fidel castro. Wakeman played with such super groups as Yes and Journey. Before that he had played sessions with Black Sabbath, Elton John, David Bowie, and many more. Now, according to Prensa Latina, Wakeman is joining up with fidel.

World rock legend Rick Wakeman, keyboardist for super bands like Yes and Black Sabbath, joined a call to defend Cuba against the US attacks, together with over 4,000 other glitterati and public figures.

Wakeman, who will perform on the Island April 22, 23, and 24, signed the document entitled 'Let Us Stop a New Maneuver against Cuba' to tackle a US anti - Cuban resolution in the UN Human Rights Commission.

I always hated Journey. I wonder if Carlos Santana will be joining Wakeman.

Update - Here's a link to Wakeman's site where he talks about his concerts in Havana.  He is offering Europeans a chance to win tickets.

Here's a chance of a lifetime for Europeans to travel to Cuba to see Rick perform live with the New English Rock Ensemble in 3 shows in April 2005 for charity in support of a children's cancer hospice in Havana. Rick will be joining an elite group of western performers to take a group to Cuba, and the Cuban government have granted a small number of additional visitor's visas to allow some fans from Europe to travel.

Notice that his charity is a children's hospice.  I find that odd. A hospice is a place a person goes to die.  There is no treatment given.  I guess that's because the Cuban healthcare system is so good, there are no treatment options left for these children. Kind of like these folks.

Update - 20 April, - Rick Wakeman has arrived in Cuba.  He's whining about the red tape, but says:

 "Cuba is known worldwide as one of the most musical countries in the world," he said. "What musician wouldn't want to come here?"


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