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Constructive Dialog With Cuba
Tuesday, February 01, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

How the EU treats a dictator

The Eurocrats have found a new way to deal with fidel.  They have decided to coddle the dictator.  Sounds very French, doesn't it?

The EU has ended it's freeze on diplomatic relations with Cuba, reports the Sun Sentinel.  The freeze began when the Europeans somehow found the spine to object to the way fidel was treating dissidents back in March 2003.  Then began the infamous Cocktail Wars - a hard fought series of battles conducted across the mesas of banquet tables in the various embassies. Exhausted by nearly two years of battle, the Eurocrats talked themselves into a compromise.

A statement approved by the ministers said the EU was willing to resume "a constructive dialogue with the Cuban authorities aiming at tangible results in the political, economic, human rights and cooperation sphere."

But the EU insisted it would continue to raise human rights issues and demanded the "urgent" and "unconditional" release of all dissidents, including the 75 given prison terms of up to 28 years in 2003.

The Eurocrats will talk, the dissidents will rot, and fidel will continue his attempts to export his revolution.

Update - Diplomatic comments:

Well, dear readers, guess what? El Comandante apparently has the magic diplomatic formula for dealing with the EU -- we hope to see this formula taught at the US Foreign Service Institute. It seems that when dealing with the EU, it's best to be highly insincere, in other words tell them whatever they want to hear; then make them beg to give you money; take the money; then go back on whatever nonsense you told them originally; then insult them without mercy in the most vile language you can utter; and they'll come running back with even more to give you. You don't believe The Diplomad? You say no organization or group of countries would tolerate such behavior? Oh, pititful fools! Has The Diplomad taught you nothing? We're talking about the EU, for Heaven's sake!

Go read the whole thing.


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