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Outpost of Tyranny
Wednesday, January 19, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The new Axis of Evil?

Could it be that the Bush Administration, in its second term, will actually do something about fidel? Yesterday, in her Senate confirmation hearings, Condi Rice named a group of countries she called The Outposts of Tyranny.

"To be sure, in our world there remain outposts of tyranny and America stands with oppressed people on every continent ... in Cuba, and Burma (Myanmar), and North Korea, and Iran, and Belarus, and Zimbabwe," Rice told a Senate committee considering her nomination to succeed Colin Powell (news - web sites) as secretary of state.

I hope this leads somewhere. fidel seems to believe that the U.S. is about to make a military attack. Last month he held island-wide military drills. I find it hard to believe there will be a massed invasion, but a small Special Forces raid seems possible. I guess we'll see what comes of this.

More - from Captain Ed on Rice's confirmation hearings.  He fisks Senator Barbara Boxer's questioning, and finds she told a real whopper. Go read the whole thing - it's too good to excerpt.


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