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Workers' Paradise Through The Eyes of Do-Gooders
Thursday, January 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

These preachers were surprised at what they found.

A couple of preachers from a church in Ontario Province, Canada made a trip to fidel's workers paradise.  The Rev. Tom Walton and The Rev. Alan Adams report   surprise at what they found:

“It was the most amazing experience,” Walton said. “These people live in a crumbling civilization. Everything is rotting from top to bottom.”

The ministers met with a local woman, Belqui Cruz Perez, who has a ministry with the aged. She told them the elderly live in such poverty and depression that many of them commit suicide. She hoped to raise money to bring them to her home and feed and entertain them. It would cost $15 a month to bring 15 to 20 of them.

Amazing only to folks who have not paid attention for 45-years.

He noted that many of the people in Cuba cannot even afford shoes. Any money they make is taken by the state, in a socialistic regime. Even doctors only make $20 a month, paid by the government. Many of them take jobs in resorts instead, where they can get tips. Families often have chickens and pigs living in their house, but even those do not belong to them.

Walton said when he told the story of the seniors to the residents at Dorland House, they donated $240. At a Men’s breakfast at Frankford United Church, they contributed $250 which is enough to build a church in Cuba.

It's hard to be harsh with people, such as these church members, whose hearts are obviously in the right place.  But they would do more good in the long run if they would pressure their government to stop propping up fidel. Canadian companies, remember, are helping the bearded bastard drill for oil.



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