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Louisiana Breaks The Embargo
Thursday, January 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

The latest state in bed with fidel

Here's a story on the latest state to jump on the embargo breaking bandwagon. Louisiana. 

Gov. Kathleen Blanco launched her second year in office Wednesday by announcing that she will make a trip to Cuba to look for new markets for state-produced goods.

Another politician who puts vote-buying ahead of freedom. Worry about the powerful interests at home, not the oppressed people of Cuba. All to typical of American politicians - after all, they generally pass legislation that favors their supporters to the detriment of their detractors.

The governor said she will make a trip to Cuba with Department of Economic Development officials and others to "find markets for Louisiana products. We want to open Louisiana to more international business."

Go to Cuba, hobnob with fidel, pick up a few cigars and a jinetera or two, have a good time, agree to prop up a tyrant, come home and tell your constituents what a good job you're doing.

I'm afraid el embargo is broken. Is it time to devise a different tactic?


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