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Seek Freedom, Go to Jail
Wednesday, January 12, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

23-men sought freedom from the Mexican embassy.

23-men are on trial in Havana for what CNN calls the violent occupation of the Mexican Embassy there.  If you can believe CNN's wording, the prosecutor called for 12-year sentences at the beginning of the trial.  Civilized governments determine punishment only after establishing guilt - but then, no one has accused the bearded bastard of operating a civilized government.

What violent acts did the 23-men commit?

A group of young men stole a bus and crashed it through the gates of the mission in late February 2002 amid a wave of rumors that the Mexican Embassy was issuing visas to all Cubans who showed up.

So they were seeking freedom - probably a bigger crime to fidel than the motor vehicle theft.

It appears Mexico's then Foreign Minister had made the comment that his embassy's "doors are open" to Cuban citizens.

Of course fidel finds a way to blame the U.S.


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