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Dixie Chicks Strip For PETA
Friday, March 21, 2003   By: Juan Paxety

I'd rather go naked than wear fur

The Dixie Chicks, fresh from alienating their fans by making anti-Bush comments at a concert, have now posed in support of PETA.


The shot is from the photographer's web site - more on the story here.

        “The Chicks themselves were lovely about the whole thing, but their management got worried that some of their fans were rifle - toting, Bambi - shooting types who would take offense at an anti - fur, pro-animal message,” says a source. “They forbid release of the ad because they were worried about backlash or boycott. They even tried to pay PETA $10,000 to say it never happened.”
       The Chicks’ spokeswoman didn’t return calls for comment.


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