Paxety Pages

My varied career has included stints as a professional musician, a lawyer, a newspaper sportswriter/editor, a photographer and as a television producer. A few places I worked actually sprung for the entry fees to contests. Some of the awards I've won include:

Associated Press Best Newscast Award 1985

Series "The Quality Basic Education Act," Georgia Association of Educators School Bell Award 1987

Associated Press Best Newscast Award 1991

Associated Press Best Continuing Coverage Award 1991 (Gulf War Coverage)

Gavin Conwell Documentary, Summit Award 2001

Hayley Hawkinberry Documentary, Communicator Award 2001

Anika Sulzburg Documentary, Communicator Award 2001

Axiem Award for Excellence in Electronic Media 2001

David Hoffman Documentary, The DV Award 2002

Estate of Jim Warmowski Documentary, Communicator Award 2002

Maurice Duncan Documentary, The DV Award 2002, Communicator Award 2002

Dr. Alvin Gross Documentary, The DV Award 2002, Communicator Award 2002

Skye McQueen Documentary, The DV Award 2002, Communicator Award 2002

Johanna Shirley Documentary, Summit Award 2003

Michael Walters Documentary, Summit Award 2003

Melvin Gutmann Documentary, Telly Award 2004, Communicator Award 2004

Matt Perret Documentary, Summit Award 2004

William Yates Documentary, Communicator Award 2004

I now write and compose from a room in overcrowded, traffic-snarled Jacksonville Beach, Florida. When I can get through the traffic jams, I also take photographs - mostly black and white. The cameras I use most are a 60-year old Burke & James 8x10, a 60-year old 4x5 Graphic View camera, a 4x5 Crown Graphic assembled from parts of various vintages, and my new camera - a 1968 Nikon F.

(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren