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The Toilet Paper Free Life
Monday, March 26, 2007   By: Juan Paxety

Havana life in Manhattan

Some things are just beyond words.  A New York City family has given up modern living in order to write a book.  Colin Beavan is described as a writer of historical nonfiction (just what is that?) and the woman living in the apartment (wife?) is Michelle Conlin, a senior writer at Business Week.  Also sharing the home is their two-year old daughter.  They've decided to live what they describe as a No Impact life. They eat only what's grown within 250-miles of their city apartment, compost their trash, and whine about how many stairs they have to climb.  They also don't drive, don't ride public transportation, and don't have a television. 

Their story is celebrated in the New York Times.  Michelle Malkin has excerpted a bit of it so you don't have to be a subscriber. Of course Mr. Beavan began his project in order to write a book about it.  A book that, no doubt, will be printed on the dead trees he's saving by the last thing his family has given up.

They also brag that they don't use toilet paper.

Why not just move to Cuba, Mr. Beavan? Folks there have done without toilet paper and toilet seats for 50-years.  Perhaps you could learn something there.


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