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AIDS In Cuba
Wednesday, February 21, 2007   By: Juan Paxety

Five years of attempts at human rights

Ask the average person about fidel castro and that person will probably say he improved medicine on the island.  Of course, the impression is untrue.  That's particularly so for AIDS, which, unfortunately became a politicized disease all over the world.  Here, thanks to Net for Cuba, is the first report of the Cuban Commission of Human Rights for people with HIV-AIDS.

QUEMADO DE GUINES, CUBA - February 20th ( (Ignacio Estrada Cepero/

On February 24th of this year we celebrate the fifth year of the inauguration of the Cuban Commission of Human Rights for people with HIV-AIDS, providing services to all persons; living with this terrible disease.

We dedicate these first years of existence to someone who left us as legacy his example of love for the neediest, Monsignor Eduardo Boza Masvidal.

Our organization objectives are guided by the following percepts:

  1.  The promotion and respect for the fundamental rights of all people with HIV-AIDS as approved by the United Nations guidelines.
  2.  To prevent the propagation of the HIV-AIDS,
  3.  To offer modernized information modernized about new discoveries involving this disease,
  4.  To participate in all projects guided towards a free and democratic Cuba where our rights are respected.

Guided by the above mentioned percepts, in the past five years we have accomplished the following:

  1.  The inauguration of 3 Independent Libraries,
  2. 21 pronouncements,
  3. The Commission processed and verified 562 denouncements on human rights violations.
  4. We celebrated 7 peaceful activities,
  5. And carried out 5 marches,
  6. We have 1 bulletin in edition,
  7. And participated in 37 other recent activities.

Achievements in 5 years:

  1. In 2006 we established the "Dignity” prize, which is conferred to honorable members of the Cuban Civil society whose protagonist actions have written unmemorable pages of patriotism in our island. The prize is also extended to members of the exile community and other members of the international society.
  2. The inauguration of Independent Center of Information Monsignor Eduardo Boza Masvidal.
  3. The creation of a Bulletin whose first edition will be circulated on February 24, 2007, covering present topics of the Cuban society and publications regarding HIV-AIDS.
  4. To begin in 2007, an ample workshop for education on health issues in our society,

The executive of the Commission remains as is: President: Ignacio Estrada Cepero, National secretary: Sergio Luis Moral Chirino, Secretary: Judith Eloísa Hernández, Analysts: Bárbara Jiménez, José Vicente Ribalta Carrasana and Julián Gualberto González González.

This report was given from Quemado de Güines to the Information Bridge Cuba Miami for its distribution, by Ignacio Estrada Cepero, president of the Cuba Commission of Human Rights for people with HIV-AIDS. Given on the 16th day of February of 2007, with the Collaboration of ¨Plantados Hasta la Libertad y La Democracia en Cuba¨.


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