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Cuba This And That
Thursday, December 07, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

A few links to other sites

Looking around the web today, there are several stories interesting to those of us who hope the US doesn't surrender to raul before it surrenders to Islamofascism.

James Lileks is scanning family slides and finds one of his father reading a newspaper - about the Bay of Pigs.

The People's Daily reports that raul is pimping poor Elian just as his brother did. Fitting now that the Democrats are back in power.

As predicted by the guys at killcastro, Cuba has begun the slow release of dissidents, as reported by the International Herald Tribune.

Cuba freed a dissident, Héctor Palacios, from jail on medical parole on Wednesday in the first release of a prominent government opponent under acting President Raúl Castro.

Palacios, a 65-year-old sociologist and longtime critic of Fidel Castro's Communist government, said he was sent home from a military prison suffering from heart problems.

"I was in jail for almost four years that felt like 10. It was extremely unjust," he told reporters at his Havana home.

CNN, of course, gives full credit to raul. Charlie Bravo at killcastro has some different viewsUncommon Sense asks why stop at one? Val is cautious.

Ziva posts a list of demands forming a starting point if raul wants better relations with the US.  You won't see these on CNN.




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