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Is fidel Dead Yet?
Monday, October 30, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Halloween would be a good day for him to die

A Monday morning rambling.  This is not how I had expected it to happen.  I had always pictured fidel to quietly disappearing for a few days, then one day for flags all over Cuba to suddenly go to half-staff and for Radio Havana to play somber martial music.

I thought we'd see raul dolled up in his best ball gown at the funeral, accepting condolences and respect from the world's leaders - something like Uncle Junior in the first season of The Sopranos.  That's the way the Soviets did it when a commie died.  But this lingering of fidel is intriguing.  Over the weekend, Cuba's state run press/propaganda apparatus published photographs of fidel supposedly walking around, talking on the phone and reading Granma.  Looks like even fidel can't get an Internet connection in Cuba. Must be the damned embargo's fault.  And George Bush's.

The Australian newspaper The Age swallows fidel's story completely.

"Now that our enemies have prematurely declared me dying or dead, I am happy to send my compatriots and friends around the world this short film material," Dr Castro said.

"Now let's see what they say. They will have to resurrect me," the grey-bearded leftist firebrand said.

Someone remind me - what does fidel have a doctorate in?  I know he went to law school, but lawyers don't call themselves doctor. Hell, I've got a law degree - maybe you peons should call me Doctor.  OK, Mahone, from now on you have to refer to me as Doctor Juan.

Val at Babalublog has some thoughts on the magical powers keeping fidel moving around. Henry has thoughts on fidel's Frankenstein video. And the inimitable Charlie Bravo calls it the ultimate Halloween video.

In fact, Halloween would be a good day for him to die. But I guess it's fitting for him to die this way - a long, lingering painful death somewhat like he's subjected an entire country to for the past almost 50-years.



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