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Cuba - World's Second Largest Prison For Journalists
Wednesday, May 03, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Today is World Press Freedom day

Today is World Press Freedom Day - it recognizes the journalists around the world who have been incarcerated for reporting things unpopular with the government. We're not talking about the evil Bu$hHitler administration here, but real terrorist regimes.

While the site recognizes the journalists imprisoned around the world, Cuba is of particular concern here. MercoPress of Uruguay reports that Cuba is the world's second largest prison for journalists.

Cuba remained in 2005 the Latin American country where reporters are most exposed to government violence and holds the deplorable honour of being "the world's second-largest prison for journalists" behind China according to Reporters Without Borders, RSF, 167 country annual index.

The wave of repression launched by the Fidel Castro regime in the spring of 2003 continued last year, as three additional independent reporters joined the ranks of the 21 jailed at the beginning of the crackdown, the Paris-based group said in its annual report. RSF released the document to coincide with Wednesday's World Press Freedom Day.

 Marc Masferrer has many more stories on jailed journalists - including an email from one who was recently detained. Go to Uncommon Sense and read your way down.


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