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La Raza And fidel
Tuesday, May 02, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Is fidel behind the idea of Alztan?

In reading about the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, the castro financed, U.S. based organization that operated in the early 1960s, I found an interesting reference. Apparently the FPCC in 1960 reprinted part of one of fidel's speeches, which drew the attention of the FBI, and was the subject of a letter written by J. Edgar Hoover. I'm searching for a copy of the letter, the FPCC document, or fidel's speech.

According to my source, in the speech, Fidel pointed out that large parts of the Southwestern United States, particularly Texas, were made up of territory once claimed by Mexico. fidel then called for the Mexicans to rise up and retake their territory.

So, on preliminary examination, it appears that La Raza, like many other bad ideas over the past 50-years, came from fidel.

I'm still researching.

Update - Charlie Bravo is thinking along the same lines.


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