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Iran, Venezuela, Cuba May Plan War Games Near US
Thursday, April 06, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Planned near US border

The Iranians are considering war games right on the U.S. border. Watching America translates an article originally in Farsi that describes how the games will be conducted - with the help of Cuba and Venezuela.

The growing closeness of the Iranians to the Latin American enemies of the United States has been noted many times on this site. Now a head of one of Iran's political parties, Hasan Bayadi,  has suggested to the Defense Ministry that it conduct war games near the U.S. border.

Every year the American military conducts war games near countries which are unfriendly toward the United States, such as North Korea, Syria or Iran, to show them how mighty the U.S. military is, and just as they have invaded our own air space and territorial waters. They say it is unintentional – and use the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan as a pretext - to send us a message. And what is the message of these invasions of our airspace? The message is, "We can attack you whenever we wish; you will find no shelter from our military threats; and the shadow of fear will perpetually hang over your countries ..."

Therefore, we, recommend to the new Iranian defense minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar that he take the initiative and prepare a military exercise with nations in the Western Hemisphere, such as Cuba and Venezuela.

This would be is, without doubt, a very difficult thing to do, and the costs of such an exercise would be far too high, but it would send a very clear message to the master of Global politics. (emphasis in original)

Bayadi uses the example of Mohammed's preparation for battle with the Emperor of Rome as set out in the Koran.  He says that war games conducted with his allies near the U.S. would pave the way for military cooperation with other governments in the region.

One has to wonder if he is talking about Mexico. That country has an election in July and one of the leading candidates is the Mayor of Mexico City -  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known as AMLO) - a communist whose campaign in being financed by Venezuela's hugo chavez. chavez may have overstepped his hand by making sneering remarks about current president Vicente Fox. Polls show the AMLO's numbers are down since an ad campaign showed Mexican voters what chavez really thinks of them. (see Publis Pundit for more.). Perhaps the Iranians think they can threaten Mexican voters into voting for AMLO the way the Spanish were terrified into voting for a socialist.

Over the past week, Iran has conducted war games in the Persian Gulf and announced that it has tested a new missile with stealth technology.

Update - Fausta writes in an email:

Just the other day I was commenting at Roger L Simon's blog, who was talking about the Iranian weapons "show"\

Iran is a terrorist state. Iran's also forging stronger ties to Cuba and Venezuela, which reportedly include the sale of long-range missiles to Chavez that would be transported on Venezuelan-flagged vessels traveling to Cuba. Chavez could also bankroll any ballistic missiles sales to Cuba, which is less than 100 miles from the Continental US.
A few Iranian nuclear missiles strategically fired in the Caribbean would do the job
However, I don't think IC&V are collectively crazy enough to take on the US directly, at least initially.  Instead, they might start with these guys
They may very well threaten those little guys - the Dutch islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao located just off the coast of Venezuela.

Update - Venezuela may be selling Iran uranium - that story is here.


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