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Cuba Turns to Commies, China and Vietnam
Wednesday, March 08, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

China and Vietnam

Cuba is moving to increase trade with some of its fellow communists - and oil may be the lubricant in negotiations. The Financial Times reports that Cuba is buying buses and trains from China - a billion dollars worth.

Buses plying Cuba’s highways increasingly come from the Yutong Bus Company and railway locomotives from the 7th of February works on Beijing’s outskirts. Cuba’s ports are being revamped with Chinese equipment, in part, to handle millions of Chinese domestic appliances that began arriving last year. Oil rigs along Cuba’s northwest heavy oil belt boast Chinese flags, and this is only the beginning, says Fidel Castro, Cuban president.

China is now Cuba's second largest trading partner behind Venezuela. fidel is personally negotiating the deal, which would have Cubans completing the assembly of some of the buses and converting existing buses to Chinese engines.

Vietnam is, in the words of Nhan Dan, "collaborating" with Cuba in the upcoming Non-aligned Movement conference scheduled for Havana. President Tran Duc Luoong says he hopes the conference will increase the influence of the NAM in world affairs.

The leader said the rising role of the leftist wing movement in the Caribbean and Latin America would accelerate solidarity and the revolutionary cause in Latin America and contribute to the Non-Aligned Movement.

The major figure in the NAM was always India. I wonder how the recent agreements between the US and India will affect the NAM.

Update - Jim Bennett writes about India and the Anglosphere.


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