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Watching Closely
Wednesday, February 08, 2006   By: j.e.simmons

What's going on with the cartoon riots?

We're all watching the Muslim world - watching as the people there riot over the publication of cartoons showing the image of Mohammed. But I'm concerned. Muslim leaders have shown a great facility of getting us to look at one thing while they are doing something else. For instance, in the summer of 1990 a raid on Israel, sponsored by Iraq and Lybia, and conducted by the PLO, distracted the world while Saddam staged his forces on the border of Kuwait. Then again, just before the shooting began in the Gulf War, Saddam had Arafat stage the confrontation at the Wailing Wall. Saddam used the distraction to call a conference of Islamic leaders to Baghdad. The result was the anointing of Saddam as, himself, an Islamist leader. Despite the arguments of folks who say Saddam was a secularist who would not have contacts with religious leaders such as bin Laden, the evidence is the opposite.

Now, what is going on? What is being hidden while the world watches the cartoon riots? Could it have something to do with the upcoming visit of Iran's president to Cuba? I'm convinced fidel would convert to Islam and turn the Karl Marx Theater into a mosque if he thought it would help him stay in power.

I hope we're watching closely.


(c)1968- today j.e. simmons or michael warren