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So, You Still Think There's An Embargo -  XXV
Tuesday, February 07, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

More on the oil meeting in Mexico City

The Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, named for the Body of Christ, is continuing its dance with the devil - bragging about its attempt to increase business with fidel castro. KRIS-TV reports, in a story rather obviously written from a Port news release, that the Port is planning ahead for the day when the embargo is lifted. Of course, it's all about oil.

In fact, port officials were in Mexico City this past weekend, discussing potential business opportunities with Cuba. The development of Cuban oil resources could be a real boost for this area.

Over the past three years the port of Corpus Christi shipped 20,000 tons beans and 50,000 tons of grain to Cuba. Right now a trade embargo means those are the few items allowed. But if officials ever lift the embargo, the port may get into the oil business with Cubans.

"We saw this as a very first step in starting to talk about that, right now nobody can do any of that trade...that's not legal...we knew that going in," said John Larue from the Port of Corpus Christi.

But then, it's not all about oil, either.

In the meantime, port officials said serious talks are underway on a deal to export chicken and rice to Cuba. Telephone poles are also another possible export item. It may sound a bit strange at first glance, but the island suffers a lot of hurricane damage on an annual basis. Talks on possible deals for these types of products are underway, but no timetable has been set

Participants in the weekend meeting, which we told you about here, got a little lesson in US law. The Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City, where the conference was to be held, was told by the Treasury Department that admitting the Cubans was a violation of the law. The event organizer, long-time fidel apologist Kirby Jones, had to scramble to find a Mexican owned hotel. Of course, the Mexicans, and the Cubans are now complaining. Granma, of course, has the most humorous story - it complains that the US is mean spirited and full of hatred. Sounds just like a 90s political correctness lecture.

Mora, in the meantime, has Googled The US-Cuba Trade Association, a group we've written about here for almost a year, and has found it composed of heavy weight characters - even David Rockefeller, whose name should send shivers up the spines of you conspiracy buffs. Go read her list.


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