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A Plea
Monday, February 06, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

A wife pleas for her husband

From Net for Cuba - please note that this poor woman relates something that's unimaginable in the United States or most of the Western world. The prisoners of fidel are so poorly fed, their families have to buy food and take it to their loved ones in prison.


4 de Febrero, 2006

My name is Rebeca Rodríguez Souto, wife of Cuban prisoner of conscience, DR. ALFREDO MANUEL PULIDO LOPEZ, condemned by the Cuban government to serve a 14-year prison sentence during the wave of repression of 2003. After my visit to the Prison of Kilo 7 in the province of Camaguey on January 31, 2006, I feel desperate as I witness my husband’s ill health worsen with time. The numerous ailments he contracted in prison are wasting him away, such as the severe migraines that prevent him from reading and writing.

My husband informed me that he feels very sick and that he is weary of the constant and numerous lies he is told by the prison authorities who have been well aware of his ill health for a long time. Dr. Pulido is also very concerned about the health of other political prisoners, who are also very ill. These prison administrators told me during this last visit that my husband was not in a condition to be released under the category of “medical parole”, as I requested, since his medical problems could be treated satisfactorily in prison.

These officials at the penitentiary allege that my husband is “incompatible” with the prison environment he is in. Of course, no one unjustly imprisoned for defending something as beautiful and honorable as human rights, is well suited to coexist in a hostile environment with common prisoners.

We, the family members of the Cuban political prisoners, survive economically thanks to the support of individuals and organizations abroad. We have no other means of subsistence. This help is primarily used to feed our loved ones in prison. It is a literal “nightmare” to try and save the necessary amount of money that makes possible the purchase of food supplies we take to our political prisoners. Many times the money available is not enough and, for example, as of today February 4, our family only has 20 Cuban pesos left until the end of this month. There will not be enough money to supply my husband with food on his next prison visit.

Dr. Pulido has not abandoned his ideals. He told me he has not lost faith because he knows that there are good people, in Cuba and abroad, who are advocating his release and the release of all Cuban political prisoners. According to my husband: “something must happen for the good of all.”

I denounce the critical state of health my husband is suffering, and I urgently request worldwide solidarity. THE BIGGEST FEAR OF ANY POLITICAL PRISONER IS FALLING INTO OBLIVION.

ILLNESSES DR. PULIDO IS SUFFERING IN PRISON: Chronic tonsillitis, Osteoporosis of the Cervical Spine, Visual and Dental disturbances, Unstable Blood Pressure, Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Weight loss (20 pounds), Insomnia, Hepatic Disorders, Hypoglycemia. He has chronic and recurrent Migraines, so strong, he is unable to read and write.

Rebeca Rodriguez Souto - Address: Palomino #445, entre Línea y Primera, Repto. La Mascota, Camaguey, Cuba.

Tel: + 53-32-25-35-91

Information obtained via telephone from Cuba. Recorded, transcribed and translated to English.

Coalition of Cuban-American Women/LAIDA CARRO/

Tel: 305-662-5947  Fax: 305- 740-7323   Email: [email protected]

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