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Oswald And Cuban Money
Tuesday, January 31, 2006   By: Juan Paxety

Did Oswald get $6,500 from fidel?

It's fairly well accepted that about 7-weeks before the assassination of President John Kennedy, Lee Oswald paid a visit to the Cuban embassy in Mexico City. A new documentary aired in Germany earlier this month has an interview with a man who says he was a former Cuban intelligence agent.

The film, shown to journalists in Berlin on Wednesday, says Oswald traveled to Mexico City by bus in September 1963, seven weeks before the Kennedy shooting, and met agents at the Cuban embassy there who paid him $6,500.

Oscar Marino, a former Cuban agent and a key source for the documentary, told Huismann that Oswald himself had volunteered for the assassination mission and Havana had exploited him.

It turns out the $6,500 dollar figure is not new - FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and President Lyndon Johnson discussed the subject on November 29, 1963 as Hoover was preparing his final report on the assassination, and Mr. Johnson was putting together the members of what would become The Warren Commission. Here are Hoover's words from a transcript of the recorded conversation.

Indeed. We hope to have this thing wrapped up today but could be we probably won't get it until the first of the week. This angle in Mexico.. . is giving us a great deal of trouble. . because the story is they have this man.. Oswald.. getting $6500 from the Cuban Embassy..and then coming back to this country with it.. We're not able to prove that fact but the information was that he was there on the 18th of September in Mexico City and we are able to prove conclusively that he was in New Orleans that day. Now then they've changed the dates. .the story came in changing the dates to the 28th of September,,.and he was in Mexico City on the 28th.

And here is an mp3 file of Hoover saying the above.

The question in my mind is still "If Oswald got the money,where did it go?"

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