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Latin America This and That
Friday, December 16, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Venezuela, Iran and Cuba

A.M. Mora y Leon continues her blogging from Venezuela. At Babalublog she writes about the intimidation at Internet cafes.

Alfredo at El Cafe Cubano is putting together the all Commie Cuban baseball team - and needs nominations for pitchers - lefties, of course.

Fausta writes about the close relationship between Venezuela and Iran - it really is all about ooiiiiilllllll.

Reuters is reporting a very interesting statement by Cuban Interests Section head Michael Parmly, who says he sees growing frustration and anger with the castro regime and further says that he is preparing for rapid change.

"You cannot predict these things, but you do try to prepare for them when you are pretty sure they are coming and I am pretty sure it is coming," Parmly said in an interview on Wednesday.

"I wouldn't try to mark a date on the calendar, but I see an awful lot of signs of frustration, even anger. When the rubber band snaps is up to the Cuban people," he said.

Parmley was in Romania when the Ceausescu government fell - and also in Bosnia, so he has seen blood in the streets. Maybe he knows something.

Killcastro has some indication from the island that Parmley is right - and his own, always interesting observations.

Update - Also check out Sirimba who writes about fidel castro, the child molester.


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