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US Fans Cuba
Thursday, December 15, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

US falls into fidel's trap

I don't think I agree with this. The US has told the World Baseball Classic it won't allow Cuba to play.

The Treasury Department of Foreign Assets controls the alleged embargo and refused to grant a permit for Cuba's team to play in the US. The reason it gives is that Cuba's team will make money playing baseball here, and the alleged embargo is supposed to stop such as that.

Even though the governors of Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, and Louisiana are panting at fidel's cuffs waving trade deals. Even though the US is now the number one provider of food to fidel's island workers' paradise.

The New York Daily News reports:

"We are very disappointed with the government's decision to deny the participation of a team from Cuba in the World Baseball Classic," Major League Baseball and the Players Association said in a statement yesterday. "We will continue to work within appropriate channels in an attempt to address the government's concerns, and will not announce a replacement unless and until that effort fails."

Nicaragua and Colombia would like to play and may be considered as replacements. Another option is for exiled Cuban players to form a team to represent Cuba.

I don't like any of these ideas. Seems to me we have given fidel yet another propaganda victory without gaining a thing in return. Let the Cuban players come to the US. Let El Duque and Livan and Jose Conteras talk to the players. Encourage some defections. Make this into a propaganda success for freedom.

CB at killcastroblog has some thoughts, too.

Update - Val says the Cuban baseball team shouldn't be allowed in so long as the Ladies in White are not allowed to go to Europe. Read it - and read the comments, too.


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