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Ladies In White Travel Barred - II
Wednesday, December 14, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Gaining world attention

The plight of the Ladies in White is spreading. The Ladies are the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of fidel's political prisoners. The Ladies dress in white to demonstrate every Sunday.  In October, they were awarded the Sakharov Prize for their service to democracy, human rights and freedom of the press.

fidel, of course, has decided that they cannot go to Europe to receive their award. Yesterday, only the, Babalublog, Killcastroblog, and this site noticed. fidel may have miscalculated.

Today, the BBC, Caribbean Net News, Dominican Today,  RTE, The Guardian Unlimited,  and even the castro/commie/clinton/crescent news network CNN have stories. Still no US mainstream media, though.


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