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Internet Revenge
Tuesday, December 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

castro's fight against the Internet

The Miami Herald publishes a must-read article by Carlos Alberto Montaner entitled "(c)astro, the mafia, the polls."  Here's how it starts out:

U.S. diplomat Robert Blau was met by a nauseating stench as he walked into his residence in Havana. He soon learned that security agents of the Cuban government had entered his home surreptitiously and filled it with excrement.

The authorization for that repugnant attack had come from Felipe PĂ©rez Roque, the bellicose foreign minister, who was determined to punish the American delegation on the island for the oddest type of crime: allowing a handful of opposition democrats to gain access to the Internet for half an hour, once a week.

Read the whole thing.


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