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The Mullahs, fidel and Nuclear Power
Monday, November 14, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Closer ties

The mullahs in Iran are praising Cuba for its support in their attempt to get nuclear power. Iranmania reports Cuba received praise from none other than new president  Mahmud Ahmadinejad:

The president expressed appreciation for the new wave of revolutionary movements nurtured by the spirit of freedom and justice championed by some Latin American nations and leaders and expressed hope that Latin American countries would become free from the domination of hegemonic powers through more coordination, MNA added.

The president praised Cuba?s revolutionary and constructive stance toward Iran?s right to the peaceful application of nuclear energy and urged Cuba to confer with other Latin American countries to win their support for Iran?s civilian nuclear program. 

As Michael Ledeen would say, faster please.



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