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Cuba In The News
Wednesday, November 09, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Embarbo, UN, and the death of a singer

The singer known as Maceo has died after a concert in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jose Antonio Rodriquez joined Sierra Maestra 26-years ago, and he died an hour after singing with the group on Saturday night. He was 52.

Once a commie, always a commie. Vietnam says it will assist the people and government of Cuba in overcoming the negative consequences of  the U.S. trade embargo.

Ambassador Le Luong Minh condemned the US embargo against Cuba, saying that it has causedgreat damage to the economy of Cuba and much suffering to its people, and aggravated tension between the two countries. The diplomat said the differences between the US and Cuba should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations based on the principles of respect for each other’s independence and sovereignty, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, mutual respect and understanding.

Ambassador Le doesn't seem to mention that Cuba now gets more food from the U.S. than it gets from any other country.

And in a yawn, the UN for the 14th straight year has asked the US to end the trade embargo. Ambassador John Bolton called the vote an exercise in irrelevancy. The Miami Herald reports the vote as 182-4 with one abstention. Then the paper adds:

The embargo, aimed at toppling Castro's socialist system, has been steadily tightened under President Bush's two terms. Pérez Roque said ''most likely'' Bush would tighten the blockade even further.

''Never before, as in the last 18 months, was the blockade enforced with so much viciousness and brutality. Never before had we seen so cruel and relentless a persecution by a U.S. administration against the economy and the right of the Cubans to a dignified and decent life,'' the Cuban minister said.

But Pérez Roque stressed that ``the U.S. government is delusional with the idea that it can overthrow the Cuban revolution.''

Again, nowhere in the piece is any mention of the amount of food being sold to Cuba under the "cruel and relentless" persecution of the alleged embargo.

If you were worried about the recent summit in Argentina, read the Investor's Business Daily account - Bush 29, Chavez 5.

Seldom has news been so distorted against facts. Most of the U.S. media claim that because the 34 states were obstructed from full agreement on a declaration to kick-start free trade by a few holdouts, it's some sort of victory for the chief obstructor, U.S. antagonist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Just by the numbers, it's a false impression. Only five states at the Organization of American States summit in Mar del Plata withheld signing a statement to restart talks for a Free Trade of the Americas pact, and four of those -- Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay -- did so temporarily on valid concerns about farm subsidies.


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