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Unbelievable Seflishness
Monday, October 31, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Complaining about the rescue of balseros

I can't believe how short-sighted and selfish some people are. Last night I was tuning around on AM radio and found some station that was replaying a talk show. The host had been talking about illegal immigration, but what drew my attention was the caller who was complaining about Cubans. She actually believes that Cuban are illegal immigrants, and the talk show host - I don't know who it was - didn't know enough to tell her that Cubans escaping communism have a special status under the law. They are not immigrants - legal or illegal.

Anyway, the woman's objection came from personal experience with Cubans. She was on a cruise in the Caribbean, and her cruise ship captain inconvenienced her because he spotted some balseros at sea. The captain, following the law of the sea, rescued them from their rickety raft. The woman screeched to the host that it was awful that an entire cruse ship should have to stop to rescue people at sea.

How short sighted and selfish. It's not like the cruise ship stopped serving drinks and food while they were stopped.


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