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More Cuba News
Monday, September 19, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Former prisoner sues for $50-million, plus more Cubans leaving

A former prisoner has sued for $50-million, saying he was tortured while imprisoned in Cuba. A Gitmo case, right? Wrong.   The Chicago Sun Times reports Nilo Jerez claims in his complaint that he was tortured with drugs and electric shock while a political prisoner of fidel castro in the 1970s.  He says the torture sterilized him and to this day causes him "distress, anxiety, fear and apprehension."

"It is time to have justice,'' Jerez said after filing the lawsuit.

Jerez says he was held prisoner and tortured at a psychiatric hospital - Mozorra - in Havana. It's part of the vaunted Cuban health-care system.

In other news, as they say on TV, the U.S. Coast Guard says more Cubans are taking to the sea to escape fidel's island workers' paradise. The Sun-Sentinel reports

According to U.S. Coast Guard figures, 2,029 Cubans were intercepted on the high seas so far this year. That's the most in one year since the Coast Guard stopped almost 40,000 Cubans in 1994.

Additionally, 2,347 Cubans have made it to South Florida since October, including 109 who landed in five separate incidents in a two-day period this week. The total is the most in four years, up from 955 during the same time period in 2004.

If fidel's health care system is so wonderful, why do so many want to leave?


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