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Two Of A Kind
Tuesday, September 13, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Mugabe and fidel

Robert Mugabe for years has stolen the farms of people Zimbabweans who happen to be white, now he's signed a bill taking away their right to an appeal - and giving the government the right to just take any farmland in the country. Sounds like fidel, right? Now, Mugabe is visiting his brother in theft.

Hardbeatnews reports Mugabe arrived in Cuba on Friday, and immediately denounced the International Monetary Fund, which had just kicked Zimbabwe out.

This after the governor of the central bank of Zimbabwe lobbied the IMF to secure a six-months review of their decision to expel the African nation from the body. Zimbabwe, which has been in continuous arrears to the IMF since February 2001, paid the fund $120-million two weeks ago but still owes about $175-million.

The IMF board said it had deferred acting on the country's membership because of recent payments of arrears and some small exchange rate and monetary policy steps.

Sounds just like fidel - incur an obligation, then default.


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