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This and That
Wednesday, September 07, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Cuban oil

With another tropical cyclone heading my way and with my computer having a virus of some kind, I haven't posted a lot. But the news from Cuba has only been about castro's offer to help U.S. hurricane victims - an idea so absurd its not worth wasting much breath on.  After all, if castro were to send 1,100 doctors to the U.S., there would be at least 1,000 defections and he knows it. He's as genuine as a blowhard U.S. politician.

The Cuban press is upset about one thing, though. The country wants to send a delegation to one of those UN windbag sessions called The Second World Conference of Speakers of Parliament.  The U.S. says it's a private conference and not subject to UN rules - thus no visa for the Cubans. Ha.

Cuba and India are getting closer - India has been given two plots in Cuban waters to explore for oil.  It says it is also negotiating with a Spanish company to explore for oil in areas the Spanish company already has rights to. What will happen when fidel gets his own oil money? It's time for him to go.

And a warning - Mahone's working on something. It's a hoot. Check back later today.


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