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Castro and Chavez light a fire of revolutions in Latin America against USA's supremacy - Pravda
Thursday, July 28, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

That's right, Pravda. Pravda has a very interesting view of the relationship between the US and Latin America. Of course it presents fidel and che as heroes, but it says that Bolivar's campaigns were to free the Latin American states from U.S. influence. No mention of Spain at all.

The article says the U.S. is particularly interested in relations with Brazil because of its large population, and concludes:

Brazilian incumbent President, Lula da Silva, does not conceal his sympathies to Hugo Chaves. Lula da Silva's government is an important ally of the Venezuelan president in his quest to consolidate and expand his "Bolivarian revolution" in the region. Lula da Silva untiringly proclaims the need for Brazil to lead South American integration, a political ambition he shares with Chavez and Fidel Castro, with unequivocal anti-American overtones. Lula da Silva said the revolutionary dream "is close to its fulfillment." Chavez says that the Bolivarian revolution is an alternative to the American model of the regional integration. "I want to tell Chavez that I do not hesitate to affirm that we do not accept defamation against our companeros, that we do not accept insinuations against our companeros... So, President Chavez, you can be certain of our solidarity," Brazilian President Lula said.

One may thus infer that Latin American states have already formed an opposition to confront USA's plans of global supremacy. Washington straightforwardly declares its support to such leaders as Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, who also fights against poverty and corruption. On the other hand, the US administration takes a different standpoint with it comes to Latin American leaders and organizes bloody coups against democratically elected presidents. The issue of democracy is not vital for the USA at all.

 Has Karl Rove put a burr under the butts of the Russians?


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