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Political Prisoner Of The Week
Tuesday, July 05, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Alfredo Felipe Fuentes

Political Prisoner of the week: Alfredo Felipe Fuentes

Charge: Arrested during the government's crackdown of March 2003 (Group of 75)

Sentence: 26 years in prison

Prison: Guamajal, Villa Clara.

Organization: Consejo Unitario de Trabajadores Cubanos (CUTC)

Family: Loyda Valdes Gonzalez

Address: Calle 45 #4007 e/ 40 y 42. Artemisa. Prov. La Habana.

Review: Felipe Fuentes is a labor leader and one of the founding members of the Varela Project. Although the Cuban government does not allow labor unions, Felipe Fuentes, nonetheless, worked for the rights of Cuban workers. International organizations have asked for his release along with other union leaders who are serving prison sentences in castro's concentration camps. Among the international labor unions which have addressed the Cuban government are: The International Confederation of Free Labor Unions, The InterAmerican Regional Worker Organization, The Confederation of Italian Workers and The Confederation of Venezuelan Workers.

As usual the castro government has not paid any attention to their appeals.

Note: Review authored by 'Proyecto Rostros del Presidio' using diverse sources

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