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The Next Generation
Friday, June 17, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Raices de esperanza

Yesterday I wrote about a planned demonstration against a fancy cocktail party at the Cuban Interest Section in Washington. I was not at all enthusiastic about the demonstration - I suspect the folks attending have no interest in anything other than socializing and a protest will do nothing but annoy them. After all, the folks in Washington High Society are our betters and all.

Val rescued me from my funk. He wrote this wonderful post about a group of young Cuban-Americans, South Americans, Central Americans and U.S. citizens who are taking up the fight for a free Cuba. They call their organization Raices de esperanza, (Roots of Hope) and their mission statement is very simple:

To establish a plan of action for the youth's role in a pluralistic and democratic transition in Cuba.

So is their vision statement:

To unite the Cuban community in exile and within the Island across generational, ideological and economic divides, in the pursuit of a pluralistic and democratic Cuban society.

They've already begun taking action. On June 5th they demonstrated, not at a fancy Washington cocktail party, but at the Organization of American States meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. They've gotten themselves on Radio Mambi to talk about their vision of a free Cuba.

Folks who care about Cuba have frequently been accused of doing nothing but arguing about the embargo. Here is a group of people who is taking action. They deserve our support.


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