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Cuban Crackdown On Blacks
Thursday, May 12, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

I wonder what Assata Shakur thinks of this - fidel is jailing young Cubans, most of them black, just for being --- well --- here's how the Miami Herald editorializes it:

Cuba's government is repressive. Its latest crackdown targets so-called ''anti-social'' youths, most of them black. Since January more than 400 people have been imprisoned, almost every one of them black.

The rationale for the arrests is that this is a ''pre-offense security measure,'' for not complying with the ''norms of socialist morality.'' This explains why there are no charges filed. Even the Cuban government can't file a charge for a crime that has not been committed -- but they can and do arrest you just in case.

Sounds like you can really be arrested for not only DWB (Driving While Black) but also for BB (Being Black) in fidel's island workers' paradise. Things that have gotten the kids in trouble include failure to attend mass rallies, failure to join the Communist Youth Union, failure to pay attention during a speech by fidel, and listening to rap music. Where are the America liberals on this one?

Update - Val reports they're also noticing in Sweden. Also note the long comment from CB.



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