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fidel's Excuses
Tuesday, March 22, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

He explains why dissidents were beaten and spit upon.

fidel says he was just protecting himself against U.S. mercenaries over the weekend. Once again Reuters has the story -

On Saturday, dozens of people entered the home of a dissident doctor and beat him with sticks for putting up posters outside his house calling for the release of political prisoners.

On Sunday, 200 women backers of President Fidel Castro intercepted a peaceful march by 30 wives of jailed dissidents in an attempt to intimidate them and shout them off the streets with chants of "Fidel, Fidel" and "down with the worms."

I earlier wrote about both incidents here. Go read it.

The Ladies In White protest every Sunday.  What's different about this past Sunday? fidel seems to have a great concern that the U.N. Human Rights Commission, meeting now in Geneva, may be critical of him. But, perhaps more importantly, the E.U. Development and Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Louis Michel, will visit Havana in a few days. Perhaps Mr. Michel will join the millionaire cigar smokers or the Canadians eating $200 a plate dinners.


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