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Cuban Tourism
Wednesday, March 02, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

A threat to Cuba's sex tourist industry?

Well, now, it appears that big corporate farmers, millionaire cigar smokers and TV anchors may not have to worry about catching anything during their illegal visits to Cuba. fidel may be planning to cut down on contact between tourists and the locals.  According to the Taipei Times:

 In a bid to stem corruption and keep tighter control on hard currency, Cuba's communist government plans to slap new restrictions on workers' interactions with foreigners, mainly in the cash-cow tourism industry, according to a document obtained by reporters.

"Tourism industry workers, in their relations with foreigners inside and outside the country, must limit these to the strictly necessary and must take into account ethical, moral and professional principles," according to resolution number 10 of 2005, signed by Tourism Minister Manuel Marero.

The article says a document outlining the change is dated January 19th, and the rule change was to go into effect a month later.  It says the document was leaked to reporters, and that tourism officials say the policy has not been put into effect.

The rule requires some boilerplate conduct such as respect for the fatherland and socialist law, and then:

 In addition, it says workers must "be modest, down-to-earth and maintain a personal and family lifestyle worthy of respect in the workplace and society at large" as well as "reject any offering" from foreigners.

These include "remuneration, gifts, donations, housing or personal treatment that could be construed as counter to dignity and respect, which create commitments that run counter to the healthy spirit of cooperation that should characterize relations between two parties," the document underscores.

If this rule goes into effect, how, oh how will it affect Cuba's sex tourist industry?  How will a fat Euro tourist, a bored millionaire cigar aficionado, or the wandering husband of a TV anchor find a  jinetera if the child is not allowed to be remunerated?  Hmmmm. The delay in policy implementation couldn't be because fidel values hard currency over child welfare, could it?


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