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More On fidel And The Mullahs
Tuesday, January 18, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

They're seeking bilateral cooperation - and nuclear expansion.

Iran is hosting Cuban Vice President Jose Ramon Fernandez, who met with First Vice President Mohammed-Reza Aref yesterday. The two report that relations between the countries are good, and that they will consolidate ties in all fields.  Whatever that means, it can't be good. Then there's this interesting paragraph:

Stressing the support and admiration of the Iranian nation for the resistance of the revolutionary people of Cuba and President Fidel Castro, the Iranian veep noted that the two countries share similar views on many key regional and international issues such as the campaign against terrorism and drug

I wonder what the "similar views" on "the campaign against terrorism" and "drug smuggling" are.  Perhaps opposed to the campaign against terrorism and in favor of drug smuggling that puts money into the pockets of tyrants? Then there's this:

Appreciating Cuba's support for Iran's access to peaceful nuclear technology, Aref noted that the opposition of some countries to Iran's application of peaceful nuclear energy is a political move and reflects their reluctance to make advanced technologies available to southern countries.

Hmmm - "make advanced technologies available to southern countries." I'm telling you fidel is after a nuke. There's more:

Fernandez declared Cuba's support for Iran's access to peaceful nuclear technology and referred to it as the undeniable right of the Iranian nation.

I'll bet he supports Iran's access to nuclear technology. I'm sure his definition of peaceful would differ from mine.

The Tehran Times reports more agreements to cooperate as Fernandez met with Majlis Speaker Gholam-Reza Haddad Adel, who points to the countries common enemy - us.

According to a report released by Majlis Media Department, he pointed to the resistance and campaign of both nations against the U.S. hegemony and termed the solidarity between nations and governments as the key to overcoming the U.S. hegemonic pressures.

Referring to the growing trend of cooperation between the two countries, he noted that given its high economic and industrial potentials, Iran is prepared to collaborate with Cuba in all domains.

Adel kisses up to fidel, and Fernandez supports Iranian nukes:

Haddad Adel referred to the Cuban President Fidel Castro as a symbol of campaign and resistance against the U.S. throughout the world. For his part, Fernandez expressed his country's interest in bolstering ties with Iran and said, "The Cuban government and nation will stand against the U.S. pressures and stand beside the Iranian nation."

Dismissing the U.S. propaganda against Iran's nuclear program, he stressed that Cuba approves of peaceful application of nuclear energy by Iran and expressed his country's support for the undeniable right of the Iranian nation to have access to nuclear technology.

Keep an eye on this.

Update - Val at Babalu points to this al-Jazeera story saying Iran is giving a $20-million Euro credit to fidel.

Update - Here's an interesting site setting out a theory of a Cuba-Iran Axis. It points out Cuba's role in jamming Farsi language programming beamed to Iran, and Iran's help to Cuba in the form of oil and credit. Then, there's ideology:

However, it would be erroneous to characterize Cuba's relationship with Iran in primarily economic terms. While Havana undoubtedly benefits from Iranian oil imports, trade financing, and other crutches for the ever-ailing Cuban economy, Fidel Castro does not conduct foreign policy based on purely rational economic factors. On the contrary, Cuba's careful cultivation of relations with Iran illustrates that, with Castro, ideology and political objectives ultimately trump all other considerations. In this regard Islamist Iran and communist Cuba are birds of a feather. Driven by a lifelong hatred of the 'Yankee empire' and its free-market values, Castro's dream is to ultimately slay the capitalist dragon and bring the American Goliath down on its knees. Deliberately selling or sharing Cuban biotechnology to, and placing the island's scientists and technicians at the service of, a terrorist state follows logically from Castro's worldview. Those who dismiss ideology as mere rhetoric do so at their own peril.

Read the whole thing.


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