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fidel And The Mullahs
Monday, January 17, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

Jihad in Havana?

Iran says fidel is becoming friendly with the mullahs again.

Cuban Agriculture Minister Alfredo Fredal in Havana lauded the impressive progress achieved by Iran in the agriculture sector, according to IRNA.

The Iranian embassy in Cuba reported that in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Cuba Ahmad Edrissian, he said Cuba is interested in utilizing Iran's experiences to increase productivity in agriculture and irrigation network, 'particularly, the valuable lessons it has gained during the droughts that hit the country in recent years'.

He said the two sides will focus on agriculture cooperation in the next session of the Iran-Cuba Economic Cooperation Commission session to be held in Havana

I fear the two sides may be cooperating on military matters - Iran has missiles and is close to having nukes.

They are also talking about electricity. (Amazingly the workers's paradise of Cuba has electrical problems, as I've written before.)

Edrissian and Cuban Minister of Industry Yadira Garcia reviewed in Havana last week ways for Iran to assist in the maintenance, renovation and modernization of Cuban electricity sector.

Cuba is to convey its needs in the electricity sector to Tehran at the Iran-Cuban Economic Cooperation Commission meeting.

I hope someone in Washington is watching how close fidel and hugo in Venezuela are getting to our worst enemies.


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