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Cuban Electric Power
Monday, January 17, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

When you switch on the lights, will the come on?

They're working to improve the electric power grid in fidel's communist paradise. He has dictated that the work that began in 2004 will get "better results" in 2005. Only when the bureaucrats write the stories would you get wording like that.  What will the better results be? According to Periodico26, the newspaper of Las Tunas Provence:

The aim for 2005 is to reach 68 percent power availability, Cuban Electricity Union (UNE) Power Supply director Pedro Abigantus stated during a meeting with the sector executives and Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia

Sixty-eight percent.  Think of that when you turn on your TV or your stove or your lights.  Would you be willing to live with an improvement to 68-percent power availability?



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