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Cuba Now
Monday, January 03, 2005   By: Juan Paxety

A traveler to Cuba writes about what he's seen, and it greatly differs from the view of the left.

The left's idyllic view of Cuba always includes the supposed excellence of medical care there.  The usual line is that castro has educated many doctors and that medical care is thus cheap and plentiful.   A traveler to Cuba writes in, a site that advertises itself as an online anarchist community:

During our stay on the island we were able to see how the Castro regime has sunk the population into great material, cultural and political poverty. We ourselves saw 90% of the hospitals in Cuba closed, the official reason being that they are under restoration. The remaining hospitals that were open are almost exclusively at the service of those Venezuelans who, thanks to the arrangement with the Chávez government, travel free with a companion in order to be treated there. The Cuban government even favours the emigration of doctors to Venezuela and the figures are spectacular. At the same time, the population of Cuban has literally been left without medical aid or medicines. And this at a time when we are witnessing a resurgence of an epidemic of mental illness that may be at its greatest for over a decade. As is known, this illness - in its two versions, outward and internal - is recognized to have its origin in denutrition.

The traveler goes on to point out that the Cuban people are starving - living only because of the black market, and have money only through the help of foreign relatives, prostitution and corruption.  Additionally, castro's recent currency schemes are subjecting the people to further starvation.

Literally, a Cuban worker who works ten hours a day doesn't earn enough to be able to eat. And as if that wasn't enough, the government is preparing to penalize the dollar with a surcharge of 10% and to convert it obligatorily to a currency that has so solvency or support. After dollarizing the Cuban economy, this new measure can only be considered cruelty. Its negative effects on the population won't take long in being felt.

A number of pundits have pointed out that former communists flocked to the environmental movement.  They see it as the best way to oppose Western Civilization. castro agrees, as he is using his thugs and bureaucrats to convert Cuba into an environmental experiment.

It would not be surprising if sooner or later the Castro regime presented itself to the world as the first ecological State in the universe - it would only be the latest perversion that Castrism could invent.

The traveler goes on to call for immediate international pressure on castro to release political prisoners. As they say, read the whole thing.


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